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Leverage 30 Day Challenge | Day 3. Favourite Eliot Moment

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This Halloween, are you hungry for the musical story of vampire cowboys who lose their humanity to bloodlust? Then Transamerican Vampire Road Trip is for you! Happy Halloween!


I’ll be off for a week, though I might pop in every once in a while. Enjoy a little Murder (In General).


The 1940s was a great time for the industrial complex, a terrible time for scary songs - for obvious reasons. But I pulled up an eerie vintage soundtrack for you anyway. Enjoy your Halloween!


Sorry I’ve been late on the Halloween goodness. Here’s the next bit of spooky fun: Hush, Hush, Hush, eerie songs from the 1930s.


I am the worst out of all the things and have just been laughing at the phrase wild sexual abandon when faced with pudding for the last ten minutes.  At least I deleted the ask I was about to send.  So I am maybe only three quarters of the worst of all the things.

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“A villain is just a victim whose story hasn’t been told.”

Why is this one of the things recommended for me on my dash.

There’s so much wrong with this.

1. The quote is bullshit, and indicative of everything terrible about our society, which constantly puts the pain of the abuser above those they abuse. 

2 It also grossly furthers the idea that all victims are potential abusers. Which has real life ramifications, because this is actually something that survivors of child abuse fear and one of the reasons they do not always come forward.

3. Bucky has no goddamn business being in this set. He wasn’t a villain. He actually was a victim.

4. We saw Anakin’s story. We KNOW his story. Cool story, bro, but you still murdered children. You are not now and never shall be a fucking victim, but those babies were, so fuck you and fuck your defenders and especially fuck anyone who would think that you are a goddamn victim.

5. We know Magneto’s story intimately. It has been told often. He was a victim once. And then he decided that Genocide was okay. 

6.  Fuck Fake White Khan and we do in fact know Real Khan’s story. He did think he was a victim, but no, he was not. He was a complicated and amazing villain that went against the typical type of POC villains that we get - he was brilliant and clever and not just a “thug.” But he was not a victim (no, not even after the neighboring planet went boom.) 

7. We know Loki’s story too. It’s one of a whiny spoiled brat who keeps trying to commit genocide. 

tldr: Bucky has no business being in this set. The rest of these people are murderous terrible people. They are not victims, though some of them were once. 

I waited to reblog this, specifically for someone to express this^^. tumblr delivered.


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I’m thinking of starting a colaborative writing project. It would be like roleplaying but with OCs. Maybe all the charcacters live in the same building and each writer is in charge of a different floor. Rules would be set once there is a group.

Depending on who helps, supports and who is interested, it could be in English, Spanish or a combination of several languages.

So I extend the invitation to my followers. Would any of you be interested? 

Sure!  I love roleplay!

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on average, an asexual person will think about puns once every seven seconds

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Could You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse? Check out The Numbers Game and it’s adorable host. It’s a full episode at 22 minutes long, and is full of survival tips.